Laing O’Rourke United


“Unite our strengths and we are unstoppable!”

Laing O’Rourke are a global construction solutions provider responsible for building some of the world’s iconic infrastructure. However managing the internal communications of such a widely scattered and diverse workforce was not without its challenges. LOR wanted a robust and flexible initiative that would enable senior management to communicate the agreed vision to the wider workforce.

There was a genuine desire that it was about all of ‘us’. The intention was to achieve buy-in and on-board individuals across the entire workforce improving the chances of success rather than just being a dictat from on high.

It was from here that ‘United’ was born. Our united future became far more than ‘a communications exercise’. It was a key component of changing the way everyone thinks and acts – and was essential to helping LOR realise their potential.

Unlike previous internal comms initiatives this one was to be lived by all who were touched by it. United was to be the vehicle to communicate the four messaging pillars. But a comprehensive messaging and strategy document was required to explain the initiative and the tools to be used to achieve it.




The campaign DNA was developed alongside a visual look and feel which was deliberately not too ‘marketing’.



The campaign was rolled out from head office to building sites and adorned everything from hard hats to salt and pepper pots. Prior to launch a number of ‘champions’ were enlisted to help manage the initiative, answer questions and advocate the merits of the initiative, a microsite containing additional information was also developed and deployed.