Bombardier – St George’s

  • Project:
    St George's Day promotional activity for Bombardier
  • Client:
    Wells & Youngs

Develop a St George’s Day activity with the objective of driving distribution, encouraging trial and increasing rate of sale of Bombardier.

Bombardier have a visible above the line advertising strategy that leverages ‘Englishness’ and so this was the basis on which the St George’s Day promotion was built. The approach was built around those moments in life where you’re proud to be English, moments where you ‘raise your glass’. Be it Flintoff’s Ashes, Moore’s tackle on Pele, Jonny’s drop goal against the Aussies or Coe’s gold, there have been plenty of memorable sporting moments over the years worth celebrating.

Screening re-runs of these events across St George’s Day alongside a promotional campaign offering ‘Georges’ a free pint and various vote and win mechanics were developed across both traditional and digital media were all proposed to tap into the nations patriotic subconscious.

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