Methadone Campaign

  • Project:
    Physeptone Advertising Campaign
  • Client:
    Martindale Pharmaceuticals

Heroin addicts being treated with methadone are very sensitive to even the slightest difference in its formulation. Create an advertising campaign aimed at GP’s, pharmacists and drug dependency centres to promote the prescribing of Physeptone – a branded methadone made to an exacting formula and containing no sugar, no alcohol, no tartrazine and no chloroform – all addictive in their own right.

Developed in a style sympathetic to the therapy area of opiate addiction. Communicating the key message that patients undergoing opiate addiction therapy are sensitive to inconsistencies often found in other methadones’ and how prescribing Physeptone guarantees what they are getting. The ad campaign only ever ran as half DPS and so careful media placement ensured the ads were placed alongside relevant editorial thus allowing the ad to ‘own’ the article. As well as the ads a range of support materials including a comprehensive part-work direct mail series were developed.

Winner Pharmaceutical Marketing Advertising Awards for best campaign and direct mail. And a Healthcare Advertising Agency Group (HAAG) award for art direction.

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