AVG + Motorola

  • Project:
    AVG Mobilation
  • Client:
    AVG Technologies

AVG Mobilation is a mobile security product. It operates in a competitive marketplace and also competes with the fact that for all but the techy, mobile security is a low engagement a low awareness market. Develop a proposition and campaign that AVG can use to develop partnerships with mobile network operators and manufacturers.

If the operators and manufacturers agree to essentially pre-load AVG Mobilation onto the devices at the point of sale or before, it overcomes the consumer barriers as well as positioning the MNO or OEM as a ‘hero’.

We developed a core idea based around ‘everyday hero’ and the fact that protecting the users on-the-go lifestyle is just part of the service. We developed a full path to purchase and rolled out how the campaign could roll out across various media channels.


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