AVG Online Security Profile


“Present a product portfolio but don’t ‘sell’ it”.

For this project, AVG asked us to develop an online test that would allow household’s to assess their online security needs without feeling they were purely getting a hard-sell.

We needed a fresh look, solid IA and top-end performance. The plan was deploy the profile tool on various media and for it to run on different devices, so portability across multiple platforms was crucial.

With a range of audiences in mind we approached the design challenge by developing an instantly enjoyable and universally accessible look. This involved plotting typical customer journeys and writing and re-writing the content to ensure they remained engaged throughout. 



Because we were looking to provide them with something genuinely useful rather than a sales pitch we promised to deliver the participant in the questionnaire with a tailor-made report on completion. This was again thoroughly researched to ensure there was a value to the information and through building a logic into the backend algorythmn we were able to create ‘on-the-fly’ PDF reports.



We achieved our goal of wrapping an important (but mundane) topic into a an easy to use package to better help the user discover more about their personal online habits and activities. For the end users the result provided some eye opening insights but also suggested the means required to address them.

The entire application is made in HTML, using Javascript and AJAX. The Javascript and PHP framework from the ground up, which allows the application to be easily expanded and for it to be embed it’s components in 3rd party websites such as Facebook and blogs.