AVG Mobilisation for Motorola

“Simply doing my job”

Position AVG Mobilation, and the manufacturer or operator as an everyday hero. Mobile security is not generally on the consumers radar until after the worst has happened. Providing a service whereby the protection is preloaded onto the device removes some of the key barriers to adoption. Being one less thing to worry about and ‘all part of the service’ also add value to the brand’s wider customer service offering.





The right tools for the job.
Articulating the proposition was key, but this couldn’t be another ‘death by PowerPoint’ backed up with a load of numbers this had to inspire. This is why we made sure the proposition and creative were fully integrated and that the audience would very much see their brand brought to life.



Campaign deployment.
Scenarios and environments where you’re mobile device might come to grief were all considered.

Mobilation adshel and bus


Lost but not gone, experiential

South African boy

Did it work?
Presentations for different MNO’s and OEM’s have been produced, among them Orange, Sprint and Verizon as well as Motorola. Negotiations are ongoing but feedback has been extremely positive, both the style, substance and creative platform have been widely complimented.