AVG Mobilation Prague

  • Project:
    Tram and vehicle livery
  • Client:
    AVG Technologies

Advertise and promote AVG’s mobile security offering.

Ad space including a full exterior wrap was secured for a number of trams on the Prague tram network (Prague being AVG’s European base). A more experiential execution that made full use of the real estate on offer was explored. Rather than straight ‘billboard’ style flat ads a literal expression of what the product actually does was adopted for the tram exterior. AVG Mobile Security, protects the phone and its contents and so attaching the device to a chain and having it coiling tightly around the the carriages provided a dramatic physical representation of the products offer. The messaging translates as ‘Zero to safe before the next stop’ communicating the ease of access to this increasingly vital protection.

Inside the tram, the real estate on offer again formed the basis for making the communication work a bit harder. Using seat backs and visualising would be passengers in the process of losing their device served both as a great vehicle to promote the product features and benefits but also to urge travellers to be more vigilant in the first place.

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