Philips Somasigns

Product and proposition development for a personal activity monitor integrated into a consumer's life more as an item of jewellery than a functional monitor.


Product. Proposition. Path-to-purchase

A Philips Incubator Team were working on the next generation of consumer lifestyle technologies to develop a Vitality Bracelet.

Unlike the utilitarian monitors that were prominent at the time this device was intended more as an item of jewellery that would measure heart rate, heart rhythm and body motion without the wearer noticing it.

It does this by understanding how your body-signs change when your stress levels begin to rise. Once it detects the start of this pattern it warns you through a change in display and subtle vibration.

Worn over time the bracelet learns and can predict patterns of regular unhealthy stress in advance. The bracelet alerts you beforehand giving you plenty of time to adjust and avoid the situation.


Brand key & Proposition development

In order to move the product development to the next level, a fast-tracked brand key workshop determined the nature of their proposition, provided insights on target audiences and allowed us to align product benefits and reasons to believe to their offer.




Customer Journeys. Paths to Purchase

A number of Customer Journeys were developed along with paths to purchase to illustrate how the target audience might move through the various stages of the brand disposition funnel and the different touch points they could encounter.